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Mission Statement

CWILL [kwil] BC [bee-cee]

CWILL BC is a lively group of published writers and illustrators for children. With close to 150 members across British Columbia, we exchange information about creating literary works for young people, we support one another and we help promote our books. Our volunteer, cooperative organization also communicates with other arts groups, schools and libraries in BC and Canada.

CWILL BC Executive

Glen Huser
CWILL BC President

Gina McMurchy-Barber
CWILL BC Vice-President

Lois Peterson
CWILL BC Secretary

Lee Edward Födi
Janet Whyte
CWILL BC Media Officers

Mary Jane Muir
CWILL BC Membership Coordinators

Glen Huser
CWILL BC Master Class and Programs Coordinator

Lori Sherritt-Fleming
CWILL BC Public Event Co-ordinator

Cynthia Nugent
CWILL BC Listserv Manager

We have a blog! Read it here.